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When will startups give money



How to manage alliance

How to increase ceo salary



How to update my accountant

How to raise offensive levels and investor levels

How to increase the cycle earnings in CEO personal account?

i need codes for coins plz?

I need Code for coins


I need coupons for coins


How do i upgrade my accountant?

Get your 15 coins and keep going. Login daily for more coins. Ensure you have Internet to watch the ads and double your coins. -Regards Clinton James Urban


How to upgrade production level 2


i dont know . . .


How to play business tycoon game

What is your advice for new users?

Buy materials like oil when in -% and resell it when it is in +% (usally a few days later) or wait till ur LVL 4 and produce products with it


Invest in materials like oil or metal... Buy it when it has like -20% or so and resell it when it has a plus...or you wait till you reach LVL 4 and produce products with it


How to get bonus or discount?

I dont know dududuudhdhdhdhhddh


How would you rate this application?

Do you know any tricks or secrets?

No I don't know


Could you share a short guide and tips?



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About Tycoon Business Game

Tycoon Business Mobile game is a realistic company tycoon mobile game in which you raise and manage your own company!

Start as a little entrepreneur and build your method to be the strongest wealthiest business empire in the world. 

Buy businesses, transportation, natural resources, manage concessions, make investments, research fresh technology, trade in the stock market and a lot of more in this realistic tycoon business game.

Visit globe websites and perform different actions like mining for natural resources, arranging tourist guides, experimenting with fresh technologies all in the purpose of making more cash and outperforming the rival tycoons.

Compete versus other players and choose either to join forces in an alliance or to become rivals and opponents to every other.

As financial companies become stronger richer and more powerfully, at later stages of the mobile game you obtain to train troops troops to defend your assets and money.

Take your business skills to the max in this business simulation mobile game in which you manage your own company in the race to become the richest and strongest company tycoon in the world

More mobile game features:

- G20: the group of 20 top industrial countries is now placed in the globe map.
- You can invest in startup companies based in various countries and later on put bids in countries contracts
- Business environment more competitive then ever, max allowed buy of business and transportation troops is now set.
- mine for resources like gold gems invest in startup companies, buy a soccer squad and a lot of more at the globe sites

New in Tycoon Business Game: No more waiting! no more action bar as long as you have the cash you can continue evolving!

New Features: NEW IN THIS VERSION:<br><br>BIG NEW FEATURE - MISSIONS! <br>You can now earn gold coins for completing missions.<br><br>- Army bug fix.<br>- Max daily attacks increased to 15<br>- More bug fixes<br><br>World Of Tycoons - Money Rush is now released! <br>No more waiting for actions, as long as you have the money you can continue developing!<br>

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